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Roof Safety Equipment

Helping to Improve Roof Safety and Productivity

Barnes Roof Safety

We did this entire job 10/12 pitch 3.5 stories tall in back to eave with only one ladder in front of garage to get on roof.

These plates help put us ahead of our competition.

Main safety plate unit
The main safety plate unit may be secured along lower edge of roof or eave, with other plates configured at higher points of roof surface for supporting bundles of shingles, other materials, tear-offs & installation.

Barnes Roof Safety front view Barnes Roof Safety - Working on a roof

Barnes Roof Safety - roof cleanup

Pitching shingles directly into dump truck saves:

- Ground cleanup
- Time

- Money
- Property below

Barnes Roof Safety - Workers on a roof

Packaged shingles Close-up on packaged shingles on the roof
Workers applying shingles Worker on a steep slope on a roof
Barnes Roofing roof safety Barnes Roofing roof safety - Two workers applying shingles on a roof
Worker about to finish applying shingles to a side of the roof

Safety plate diverts waste materials from roof to dumpster or dump truck by setting up chute & diverters. (Individual pieces sold separately)

Safety Plates Close-up of the company equipment

Secure ladder to roof surface by affixing the ladder hook, or fasten to a secured main plate unit with the included chain, while keeping ladder from damaging gutters.

Ladder leaning against a house Chains that hold the plate

Pre-drilled holes along upper edge of unit allows it to be secured to roof surface with traditional nails. Easily remove unit by lifting up from lower end, pulling nails with plate.

Plate installed under shingles Plate being installed

Safety Plates are Lightweight, Stackable & Easy to Carry

Stack of safety plates in the bed of a truck stack of safety plates on a roof
Worker carrying safety plates

Workers on the roof applying safety plates
Plates installed starting tear off 3 rippers 2 pitchers
Workers almost completed tearing off all shingles
12/12 pitch roof shingles removed down to plates - do all repairs and paper down to plates then remove them from one side to the other (exit)

Instillation process for safety plates

When using plates under shingles, use top 5-6" anti-stick portion of a shingle to keep shingle from sticking to plate.

When using plates to install shingles, seal nail holes after pulling plate. Move plates up as you go when done remove plates towards exit point one by one.


repairs on a roof
Plates work great for decking repairs on high pitched roofs 12/12
Plates being used to stock shingles
Plates being used to stock shingles tear off and set ladders, materials, and tools while doing repairs and underlayment
setup for tearing off shingles
Set up for tear off removed shingles 3 feet down from ridge and installed underlayment plates and shingles
Using a ladder to reach a difficult area
Using plate and ladder to reach those difficult areas


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