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Roof Safety Tool Kit

roof safety toolkit bundle

The Roof Safety Tool Kit Includes:

  • 12 Main Plates
  • 2 Half Plates
  • 2 Ladder Hooks
  • 2 Ladder Chains
  • 2 Plywood Clips
  • For Up to 12/12 Pitched Roofs

Please Contact Us for Pricing Information - Toll Free: 844.641.7509

Workers harnessed on a roof Showcase of a pitch roof lifting
12/12 pitch roof lifting up on 2 inch
top lip of plate will pull nails with plate
Plywood clip installation
Installation of plywood clips - 
using 1 1/4" roof nail or longer
Plywood clips installed
Plywood clips installed - keeps
plywood from going over plate
holds up to 12 sheets 1/2"
Ladder docked securely on the side of the house
Securely docks ladder
and protects gutter
Shoot and Diverter plates
12/12 roof pitch - shoot & diverter
plates set up for tear off -
install 2x4x8 board under shoot
plate to clear gutter if needed
Ladder hook installed
Ladder hook installed
over shingles
Ladder hook installed under shingles
Ladder hook installed under
shingles can be used at the
eave to go up to ridge and at
the ridge to go down to the eave